What does it do?    

Skylook brings Skype inside Microsoft Outlook®. (NOTE: If you don’t run Outlook, or if you only have Outlook Express, you can Record Skype Calls by downloading CallBurner instead).

Download Skylook here and try it free for 14 days, or read on for more information.

Standard Outlook lets you send, receive, forward, reply to, store, organize, search, follow-up and archive emails.

Outlook with Skylook lets you do all those things with phone calls too, as well as PC-to-PC calls, voicemail, instant messages and SMS*. (Calls are recorded to MP3 for storage and archiving).

Skylook also combines email, reminders, calls, voicemail, instant messages and SMS in powerful ways – e.g. to send you SMS alerts when you miss reminders, or to read important emails to you on your phone when you are away from your desk.

New: Skylook 2.0 now supports German as well as English. Other languages will be added soon.

The links below describe some of the things that Skylook can do – click the ones that interest you to see how they operate and how to set them up. Each link includes screenshots to help you see quickly how Skylook works.

Call Outlook contacts’ phones or PCs using Skype™.
Record calls to MP3, WMA or other audio formats.
Receive voice mail messages in the Outlook inbox.
Automatically forward voice mail messages to any email address.
Receive alerts via SMS or phone when important appointments are due.
Get IMs forwarded to SMS or your phone when you are away from your PC.
Have important emails read to you over your phone when you are away from your PC.
Receive alerts via SMS or phone when important contacts come on-line.
Take notes about each call during and/or after the call.
Archive all communications including calls, voice mail, IMs and SMS.
Screen/Monitor calls from your PC or from your phone.
Synchronize your Outlook contacts with your Skype contacts.
Review all communications with a contact in one place, including calls, IMs and email.
Use Outlook to manage follow-up on calls and voice messages, just like you currently do with email – e.g. mark as unread, move to folder, flag.
See who is on-line without leaving Outlook.
Answer calls automatically with a Skype Answering Machine built into Outlook.
For a more extensive list of capabilities, click here.

*SMS currently limited to send, organize, search and archive only. Receipt of SMS messages is not currently supported.