Skylook Update

Posted by Jeremy Hague | Skylook Team on Oct 23, 2007

New Skylook 2.0 Update ( Available
We’ve improved Skylook and we recommend you update your copy.

Click here to download

NOTE: This release provides compatibility with Skype 5.1, so if you use Skype 5.1, or plan to, please update as soon as possible.

You can see the new features and improvements in this release, as well as the improvements made in prior versions by clicking here. (You can also download prior versions from this page).

(Note regarding the Skylook update: We recommend all users update. If you purchased Skylook 2.0 within the last twelve months, or if you purchased a Skylook Elite license, this update is free and will continue to operate with your existing serial number. If you purchased Skylook 2.0 more than twelve months ago, you can get this update and another twelve months worth of updates by purchasing a Skylook Upgrades Pack (you will be prompted to do this automatically when you run the installer). If you haven’t purchased Skylook 2.0, but are in the middle of your free 14 day trial, your trial period will not be affected by the update. If you haven’t purchased Skylook 2.0 and your trial has finished but you are continuing to use the free functionality, that free functionality will continue to operate after the update).

Skylook Testimonials

“I congratulate you on your program! This implementation rocks!” – Karsten Gerhardt –

“Superb product. It makes my audio recording so easy it is unreal!” – David Chriscole

“There’s no way I can do without Skylook” – Ruud Hein –

“Your software is fantastic” – David Brown –

“It skypefies Outlook and it’s awesome.” – Michael Arrington –

“Skylook is a wonderful productivity enhancement. I’ve been using a competitor’s Skype recorder for my phone consultations, but the quality, beautiful design, and intuitive features of yours won me over. Skylook even enhances Outlook in ways that have nothing to do with Skype. For instance, I like that whenever you’re reading an e-mail message, the Skylook toolbar displays the name of the contact, with a drop-down menu of various options, such as creating a new appointment with that contact.” – Michael Ray Brown – Story Sense

“W….O….W!!! If ever there was a software upgrade you ‘must’ get if you even dream you might want to use Skype… THIS IS IT!” – Lee Hopkins –

“You guys definitely have the best technical support in the business” – Michael Ray Brown – Story Sense

“I’ve been using Skylook since version 1.x, and I’m thoroughly impressed with it – the product is excellent and the support is as good, if not better (in the rare event that you need it). I would highly recommend this to all Skype users who use Outlook.” – Rob Iles, UK

“A fantastic product!” – Rick Blaisdell –

“Many, many, many thanks for your stellar customer support.” – Kaelin Kelly – Online Skype Classes

“If you use Skype… Skylook is a must have extension.” – David Anderson –

“Skylook, which records Skype conversations in the MP3 format, has become a mainstay for me.” – Howard Wolinsky – Chicago Sun-Times

“I was really impressed with the support and overall good attitude this company has with me as first a beta user and now a paying customer, and I thought it was very refreshing that they listen to their customers requirements and suggestions…the American software vendors that I am use to dealing with could learn a thing or too from the good software folks down under at Skylook” – Kyle Jones – St.Petersburg, Florida USA

“I love your product.” – Ryan Bradshaw –

“…an indispensable utility for Skype” – Mike Strock –

“I wish all software products had the support that you provide!” – Federico Chan

“A dream for podcasting with supreme audio quality and variable output options” – James Woodcock –

“Fantastic product by the way. It has really improved the way I work and communicate with people throughout the day.” – Managing Director, Maylane Polska –

“Great work on Skylook and the latest update.” – Chris Saad –

“Wow — this works like a charm… Really nice interface, too” – Regina Nuzzo – Freelance Science Journalist

“Top Skype add on … can’t think of anything I’ve come across for Skype that is better.” – Adam Davies –

“Skylook used to be a tool to use Skype from Outlook. Now it is more than that. It is a tool that lets Outlook leverage Skype. … Brilliant.” – Mark Cohen –

“The Skylook software is just amazing!” – Oliver Staudenmann –