Skylook Activation Troubleshooter     

If you cannot activate Skylook, follow these steps:

A. Check that your serial number is valid for the version of Skylook that you are running. NOTE: Serial Numbers issued for Version 1.0 and 1.5 (i.e. those with the prefix “busines”, “home” or “academi”) will not work with Skylook Version 2.0, as Skylook 2.0 is not a free upgrade from 1.5. If you purchased 1.5 you are entitled to a discount on Version 2.0 – see the purchase page for details. You can also use all of the 2.0 features for 14 days without purchasing the upgrade. Otherwise, to remove 2.0 and revert to 1.5, get 1.5 from the download page.

B. Use Copy and Paste rather than entering the serial number by hand. To paste the serial number into the activation wizard, first click into the “Serial Key” box, then hold down CTRL and press V.

C. Make sure you are using the Serial Number from the email sent to you when you purchased. This will have the prefix “skylook” for V2.0, or “busines”, “home000″ or “academi” for 1.0/1.5. Make sure you paste the entire Serial Number, including the prefix.

D. Check that there are no leading or trailing spaces in the serial number when you paste it into the activation wizard.

E. If you previously activated successfully on this PC, please contact for help.

F. If this is the first time, and you cannot activate, it may be due to firewall settings on your PC or network.

In this case, the manual product activation process should work. The manual product activation process unfortunately takes a little more time and effort than standard activation, which is normally automatic once you purchase from withing Skylook, or once you enter your serial number.

The following procedure uses the Manual Product Activation Wizard to activate your product, when your computer is connected to the Internet but a firewall or other cause is preventing two-way communication with our servers.

1) Physically remove/disconnect the Ethernet cable or phone line from your computer, to completely disconnect your computer from the Internet.
2) Attempt to activate Skylook (Help > Purchase / Activate Skylook > Activate > Next). After you paste or enter your serial number and click the “Next” button, you should encounter a window called “Activation Options”.
3) In the Activation Options window, you will see a description of the activation process followed by three or four options. Select the first option, labeled “Activate using a web browser on this computer”.
4) Click “Next”.
5) On the next screen, labeled “Web Activation”, click the link pointing to
6) Your “Installation ID” will be pre-filled in the field on After Purchase Services Web page. Click “Submit” to retrieve your Activation Key.
7) Your Activation Key will be displayed in a larger field at the bottom of the Web page. If it’s not already highlighted, use your mouse to select the entire key and press Ctrl+C to copy it.
8) Return to the “Web Activation” screen of the product activation wizard, and click “Next”.
9) Click in the very first box in the “Activation Key” field (i.e., box
“A”) and then paste your Activation Key using Ctrl+V. Your Activation Key will be pasted correctly into the various boxes automatically.
10) Click “Activate”.

This completes the Manual Product Activation wizard, and Skylook
should now be successfully registered and activated. Don’t forget to
reconnect your computer to the Internet when you’re done.