Skylook Affiliate Program     

COMING SOON. The information on this page is an indication only, of the Skylook affiliate program soon to be implemented. Do not follow the steps noted until further notice.

To coincide with the release of Skylook 2.0 we are launching improved facilities for affiliates who wish to earn commission through selling Skylook from their web sites.

We now offer:

  • The ability to earn commission simply by referring potential customers to our home page (see “Page Referral Commission” below).
  • A discount coupon for you to offer to your potential customers.

Page Referral Commission

If you link to our site with the URL shown below (after modifying it to include your affiliate id), you will receive commission on any sales made to customers who visit our site via that link (as long as the customer has cookies turned on in their browser).

When the customer clicks the link, they are taken to our site via a redirect page. The redirect page writes your affiliate id into a cookie on the customer’s PC. If the customer goes on to purchase Skylook at any time from that PC, the purchase page reads your affiliate id from the cookie and credits you with your commission.

Here is the URL:

Replace AFLnnnnnnnnnn with your affiliate id.
Replace “Skylook 2.0″ with text of your choice.

Discount Coupon

Affiliates receive a discount coupon to offer to potential customers. If you have signed up but not received your coupon please email us at

How to start earning commission on Skylook 2.0

  • If you have not already signed up as an affiliate, sign up here via “eSellerate”, our e-marketing partners.
  • Within the eSellerate site, sign up to sell all Skylook 2.0 and 1.5 products. (There is no charge to sign up).
  • Link to our site as instructed in the “Page Referral Commission” section above. NOTE: This is a cookie-based referral system, and is therefore dependant on a) The user not having cookies turned off and b) The user not deleting cookies in the time between you referring them and the time they purchase. We offer page referral commission on the basis that we believe such cases are a small proportion of all cases, but please use your own judgement.
  • Optionally offer an “EST” download of Skylook. This is your own special version of the Skylook setup file, with your affiliate id embedded. This will still work if the user does not have cookies turned on, but is more complicated to set up and manage, and more difficult for you to sell as you do not have the benefit of our web site to inform the user about the benefits of Skylook. Instructions regarding EST downloads are available on the eSellerate site.
  • Optionally offer a “Buy Now” link on your site. Again, this will work in the case where the user does not have cookies turned on, but may be ineffective as you do not have the benefit of our web site to inform the user about the benefits of Skylook.

Benefits of the Page Referral Commission method

With Skylook 2.0 we are shifting emphasis from EST downloads to page referral.

Our reasons are as follows:

  • Skylook is a unique product that does not have a natural “tag” that allows people to say instantly “Oh, I know what that is”. Probably the closest tag is “Unified Messaging”, but this means little to most people and is probably too broad a term anyway. In the future this situation may change as Skylook gets more competitors and a better-known market “space” develops, but for the moment there is no single word or phrase that allows us, or you as affiliates, to instantly communicate what Skylook is. This makes it difficult to sell Skylook with a simple text or banner link to a download file.
  • For Skylook 2.0 we have put a lot of effort into developing rich content that shows visitors how Skylook can benefit them. We want you, as an affiliate, to also be able to use this rich content to help inform potential customers. We think this will lead to more effective affiliate sales performance.
  • The reason we put so much effort into developing rich web site content is that it is really the only way we can do the product justice. The new site has lots of screenshots and “how to” pages so that visitors can quickly get a feel for the product. We believe that your customers are no different to ours – they need to be able to quickly get a feel for the product too. We know that most affiliates have a range of products and can’t afford to spend too much time on each one, so the best way to allow customers to quickly get a feel for the product is to refer them on to our site.


If you have any questions about the Skylook affiliate program, please email us at