How do I use my Skylook Coupon?     

To use your Skylook Coupon, ensure that Skylook is installed on your machine and that Microsoft Outlook is open. If you need to download Skylook, click Download on the top of this page.

Click on Skylook Help Menu then Purchase/Activate Skylook

Ensure that the Purchase Skylook Now option is selected, then click Next

Wait 10 seconds while the purchase / activate wizard connects to the Skylook activation system

The Skylook Shopping Cart is shown. At this point, you can add any additional Skylook products to your order.

When you are ready to purchase, proceed as follows:

Enter your email address. If your coupon is for an upgrade, be sure to use the same email address you used when you made your original purchase, as this is required in order for the coupon to be accepted. If you no longer use that email address, please contact Skylook support for a one-off coupon.

Enter your Skylook coupon in the coupon box (as highlighted below) and then click the enter button. If a valid coupon is entered, the Skylook Shopping Cart will apply the value of the coupon and recalculate the balance. When a valid coupon has been entered, the money that the coupon saves you is shown in red font next to the coupon box.

Now that the coupon has been applied, you are good to go! Simply complete the purchase wizard to activate your copy of Skylook.

Need help with your Skylook Coupon? Send us an email at and we will be glad to sort it out for you.