Skylook Features     

Here is a complete list of Skylook features, showing what you need to purchase (if anything) to use them.
Free = No charges
C = Skype Charges may apply (e.g. Skype Credit, SkypeIn or Voicemail subscription)
S = Skylook Subscription Required after 14 Day Trial Expires

Communicate with Outlook contacts on Skype:

  • Call Outlook contacts’ phones using Skype. (C)
  • Call Outlook contacts’ PCs using Skype. (Free)
  • Send SMS messages to Outlook contacts. (C)
  • Send instant messages to Outlook contacts. (Free)
  • Answer incoming calls directly from Outlook. (Free)
  • Reply to instant messages with email and vice-versa. (Free)
  • Reply to voice mails with a PC-to-PC call, email or instant message. (Free)
  • Reply to voice mails with a phone call or SMS. (C)
  • Click an email message then click a button to Skype-call or IM the email sender. (Free)
  • Click an appointment then click a button to Skype-call or IM an attendee. (Free)

Record Skype Calls:

  • Record Skype calls to MP3 or other audio formats. (CS)
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls. (CS)
  • Record Skype-to-Skype, SkypeOut, SkypeIn and conference calls. (CS)
  • Choose to record just your side or both sides of the call. (S)
  • Configurable bitrate to trade off quality for file size. (S)
  • Optionally record calls to high quality 48kHz PCM, with each side of the call in a separate WAV file for professional podcasting. (S)
  • Automatically record all calls, or choose to manually record individual calls. (S)
  • Choose to store recordings in any Outlook folder, or store them in a directory on your hard disk. (S)
  • Pause recording mid-call. (S)



  • Get Skype IMs forwarded to SMS or your phone when you are away from your PC. (CS)
  • Have important emails read to you over your phone when you are away from your PC. (CS)
  • Get important emails forwarded to SMS when you are away from your desk. (CS)
  • Get Skype voice mail messages or Skylook Answering Machine messages forwarded to your phone when you are away from your desk. (CS)
  • Optionally press “1″ on your phone to call the sender of any forwarded message, via Skype. (CS)

Answering Machine / Voice Mail:

Extended inbox:

Follow-up Management:

Annotate and archive Skype Calls:

Archive all communications:

Contact Management: