Features exclusive to Skylook 2.0     

Skylook 2.0 is our premium edition of Skylook. Skylook 2.0 offers loads of advanced features, and deep integration with Skype. If you are a heavy Skype and Microsoft Outlook user, this is the version for you.

The following advanced features are only available in the Skylook 2.0 edition:

  • Record Skype calls to WMA.
  • Anti-drift (advanced synchronization of call parties.
  • Record Skype calls to WAV and other formats.
  • Configurable bitrate to trade off quality for file size.
  • Optionally record calls to high quality 48kHz PCM, with each side of the call in a separate WAV file for professional podcasting.
  • Automatically record all calls, or choose to manually record individual calls.
  • Choose to store recordings in any Outlook folder, or store them in a directory on your hard disk.
  • Stop or Pause recording mid-call.
  • Call Recording Panel (With Office look and feel)
  • Convert incoming Skype voice mail messages to WAV and other formats
  • Automatically forward voice mail messages to other email addresses.
  • Receive alerts via SMS or phone when important appointments are due.
  • Receive an SMS alert when any Outlook reminder pops up while you are away from your PC.
  • Receive alerts via SMS or phone when important contacts come on-line.
  • Get Skype IMs forwarded to SMS or your phone when you are away from your PC.
  • Have important emails read to you over your phone when you are away from your PC.
  • Get important emails forwarded to SMS when you are away from your desk.
  • Get Skype voice mail messages or Skylook Answering Machine messages forwarded to your phone when you are away from your desk.
  • Optionally press “1″ on your phone to call the sender of any forwarded message, via Skype.
  • Automatic inclusion of IDD code (’+’ or ‘00′) on all numbers if not explicitly included
  • Take notes about each Skype call during and/or after the call.
  • Record Skype calls, Skype voice mail, IMs and Outgoing SMS to the Outlook Journal.
  • Archive outgoing SMS messages
  • Choose on-line contacts to show first in the toolbar
  • You can try Skylook 2.0 for 14 days for free when you upgrade. Download your 14 day trial of Skylook 2.0.