Getting Started with Skylook     

To get started with Skylook, do the following:

1. Check that you have these Skylook prerequisites.

2. Download Skylook and install it, or if you have a copy of the Skylook setup file, open the folder containing it and double-click it.

3. Follow the instructions in the wizard. (If you have problems installing, click here).

4. After the installation wizard has completed, start Outlook. (Skylook does not have a separate start menu – it starts automatically when you run Outlook).

5. The Skylook licensing and startup wizards will be displayed. Follow the prompts to configure Skylook.

6. NOTE: When Skylook connects to Skype for the first time, the following dialog will appear:

Skype Security Dialog

This is a standard security dialog that Skype shows for all third party applications that use Skype. It is designed to protect you from unauthorised software accessing your Skype application. You must click one of the “Allow…” options in order for Skylook to operate. If you accidentally click OK before setting the option correctly, you can follow these instructions to allow Skylook to access Skype.

7. On completion of the wizard, you will notice the Skylook toolbar underneath the standard Outlook toolbars.