Skylook 2.0 Change History Changes

Fix to problem with Skype 5.1 crashing on startup Changes

Compatibility with Skype 5.1

Fixed display issues on systems set to “Large Fonts” Changes

Prevent items from getting stuck in the Outbox (affected Office 2010 only) Changes

Fixes for compatibility with Office 2010 Changes

Fix to “garbling” of this side audio recording on some Windows 7 and Vista PCs

Skype 5 compatibility

Alert search text now works for recipients Changes

Fixed issue where warning would appear repetitively, and flicker, when no audio detected. Changes

Fixed issue where “Close Skylook” button would close Outlook.

Fixed issue with toolbar contacts and other buttons not being refreshed correctly after “Close Skylook” and “Start Skylook” are clicked. Changes

Added Skype 4.2 support. Changes

Added Windows 7 support.

Fixed problem where phone call item was sometimes attached to the wrong contact if more than one contact had the same phone number.

Fixed problem with audio playback via the answering machine on some Vista PCs.

Fixed problem recording other side of a call when a surround speaker system (5.1 or 7.1) is used.

Better reporting of errors if internal recording problems occur. Changes

Fixed problem recording conversations using Skype 4.1 on Vista. Changes

Recording improvements – now more reliable on lower end or overloaded computers. Changes

Fixed bug that can cause recordings to be corrupted if neither side of the call is using 48KHz internal audio. Changes

Fixed bug that can cause Outlook to hang when making a call, if using Skype Version 4. Changes

Fixed bug that creates extraneous “partlist” chat messages in the inbox. Changes

Fixed bug that crashes the latest Skype ( whenever a call starts.

Fixed bug that caused the hand-holding connection wizard to keep appearing whenever Skylook is started even after connection has been established. Changes

Recording compatibility for latest 3.8 and 4.0 Skype versions on more Vista PCs (those supporting the latest Vista audio APIs [WASAPI] in native mode – e.g. Dell Inspiron 1525). Changes

Skype 4.0 compatibility. Changes

Fixed bug causing duplicate voice mails in inbox for calls from undisclosed numbers.

Fixed bug causing keyboard interruptions on Outlook 2007 when Skype is not running. Changes

Fixed bug causing popping and clicking in raw audio recording on some PCs.

Fixed bug causing problems when incoming calls received, on PCs running Outlook connected to MS Exchange. Changes

Compliance with latest Skype Certification requirements.

Now defaults to recording both sides of all calls on installation. Changes

Fixed problem with answering machine sound playback when using some USB phone devices on Skype 3.8 or later. Changes

Fixed problem with warbly, choppy recording when using some USB phone devices on Skype 3.8 or later. Changes

Recording now works correctly when using the Skype 3.8 release.

Improved name and email address resolution for “To” field (recipients) on conversation items. Changes

Recording now works correctly when using the Skype 3.6 Beta release.

Fixed User Interface glitches when running with large fonts.

Fixed problem with icons not appearing in lists and trees.

Can now dial contacts that use custom Outlook forms. Changes

Added ability to stop Skylook without closing Outlook.

Added option to prevent Skylook starting automatically when Outlook starts.

Now compatible with latest BCM release.

Added option to play periodic beep to other party when recording is taking place.

Fixed bug preventing use of “Business 2″ phone number. Changes

New connection wizard to minimize problems connecting to Skype first time (i.e. when Skype prompts for permission.)

Improvements to reliability of VoiceMail playback from the inbox.

Remove comments within square brackets from phone numbers before dialing .

Don’t start Skype when Outlook starts (except when necessary to check subscription validity).

Bug Fix: Outlook 2007 problem with entry of text in emails when using a multi-byte character set (e.g. Russian) (NOTE: problem still exists for users with Skype DRM-based subscriptions.

Improved/clarified Stop button behavior. Changes

New Feature: Optional automatic creation of Outlook journal entries for calls, voice mail, text chat messages and SMS.

New Feature: Improved control over which items are stored in Outlook and which are not (see the “Folders” tab in the options window).

Contacts which have no Full Name and no “File As” name are now shown using their Company Name if the Company Name is set.

Recognizes phone extensions in Outlook phone numbers and does not try to dial the extension.

Bug Fix: Alerts and Forwarding: Sometimes forwarded voice mails were truncated Changes

Options Window: Screen Reader compatibility. Changes

Audio file names for recordings now include the name of the caller/callee.

Additional German translations.

Links to web site now go to language-specific pages (German only at this stage) instead of always going to English pages.

Now uses MP3 by default on Vista (instead of WMA).

Fixed: Skylook toolbar would sometimes not appear after closing Outlook and restarting. Changes

Skylook now offers a transcription option for recorded calls – links have been added to the product to provide easy access to the transcription web page

Fixed: Skylook would occasionally hang on first startup (i.e. before the Skype security dialog appeared) (Hot Fix Release) Changes

A “Warbling” effect has been noticed in call recording since the release of (dependent on recording device used). Changes have been made to prevent this.

Fixed: Notes were not being saved on recorded calls (unless notes were updated after the call).

Fixed: No synchronisation of toolbar to messages/contacts in non-default Outlook PST files.

In rare cases, Skylook caused crashes in Outlook 2007. Changes have been made to prevent this. Changes

Skylook now has German Language support. Other languages will be added over the coming months.

Full Vista Support.

Support for recording calls and voice mails to WMA (Windows Media Audio) format.

Anti-drift on call recording. (Keeps both sides of the call in sync, even if microphone and speaker hardware devices run at slightly different rates).

Improved recording reliability.

Better performance when navigating through emails and contacts in Outlook, particularly when connected to an Exchange Server.

Support for all Outlook phone numbers (previously only supported Business, Home and Mobile).

Fixed: Alerts via SMS failed if the SMS text contained non-ASCII Unicode characters.

Fixed: When making calls to BCM contacts, error messages would be shown on call completion or when closing the contact window.

Fixed: Incorrect warning window appeared when starting conversion of voice mail recording. Changes

Fixed: On rare occasions, incorrect phone numbers were displayed in the Skylook toolbar in the Contact window

Fixed: Under rare circumstances, Outlook security messages were shown after a call was recorded

Fixed: Unable to record calls on Windows Vista

Fixed: Incorrect Version No was shown in Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs.

Fixed: Skylook interfered with entry of multi-byte character set text in Outlook 2007. Changes

First release as part of Skype Extras Manager Changes

Support for Skype 3.0