Skylook 2.0 Change History Changes

Skylook now has German Language support. Other languages will be added over the coming months.

Full Windows 7 & Windows Vista Support.

Support for recording calls and voice mails to WMA (Windows Media Audio) format.

Anti-drift on call recording. (Keeps both sides of the call in sync, even if microphone and speaker hardware devices run at slightly different rates).

Improved recording reliability.

Better performance when navigating through emails and contacts in Outlook, particularly when connected to an Exchange Server.

Support for all Outlook phone numbers (previously only supported Business, Home and Mobile).

Fixed: Alerts via SMS failed if the SMS text contained non-ASCII Unicode characters.

Fixed: When making calls to BCM contacts, error messages would be shown on call completion or when closing the contact window.

Fixed: Incorrect warning window appeared when starting conversion of voice mail recording. Changes

Fixed: On rare occasions, incorrect phone numbers were displayed in the Skylook toolbar in the Contact window

Fixed: Under rare circumstances, Outlook security messages were shown after a call was recorded

Fixed: Unable to record calls on Windows Vista

Fixed: Incorrect Version No was shown in Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs.

Fixed: Skylook interfered with entry of multi-byte character set text in Outlook 2007. Changes

First release as part of Skype Extras Manager Changes

Support for Skype 3.0