***New 1.5 update available (free to 1.0 and 1.5 customers)***

The latest release of Skylook 1.5 is (released December 19 2006).

IMPORTANT: You must update to Skylook if you are running, or intend to upgrade to, Skype 3.0.

To see what is different compared to your current version, click here.


Skylook 2.0 is now available.

Key benefits compared to 1.5:

  • Increased Recording flexibility – e.g. alter bitrate and format; split parties; start/stop/pause.
  • Receive alerts via SMS or phone when important appointments are due.
  • Have important emails read to you over your phone when you are away from your PC.
  • Automatically forward voicemails to a phone or any email address.
  • Lots of other alerting and forwarding options.
  • Take notes on each call during or immediately after the call.
  • Increased Conversation storage flexibility – e.g. save to hard disk or alternative Outlook folder.
  • Choose which contacts to show first in the toolbar.
  • Improved user interface – Office 2007 look and feel.
  • Click here for a complete feature comparison.
  • Click here for a comprehensive feature description.

Example screenshots
New Recording Monitor

Recording Options

Pricing Details

Pricing details for Skylook 2.0 are on our purchase page.

If you own a Skylook 1.0 or 1.5 license you are entitled to a discount when you upgrade to Skylook 2.0. For recent purchasers (i.e. August 1 2006 or later), this discount is equivalent to a refund on your 1.5 purchase (approximate, due to currency fluctuations). To get your discount coupon, click here.

Skylook 1.5 will continue to be sold and supported at existing prices. We are keeping this option open for people who don’t need the additional features in 2.0, and don’t want to pay for an upgrade to 2.0.

Download Details

You can try the full Skylook 2.0 functionality free for 14 days by downloading it from here. (Note: You get 14 days free even if your 1.5 free days have expired and you have not purchased a 1.5 license).