How to manage follow-up on calls, voicemails and instant messages like you do with email     

Applications like Outlook are great for keeping in control of outstanding tasks. If you receive an email that you aren’t able to deal with right away, you can simply mark it as unread, to remind you to look at it later. You can also flag it, copy it to an “unactioned” folder, or use other Outlook features to manage follow-up.

The steps below show you how you can use the same methods for calls, voicemails and Skype instant messages, in addition to email. (These steps assume you have Outlook installed – see Skylook prerequisites for details).

1. Follow the instructions here to start collecting all of your communications in Outlook.

2. Follow the instructions here to receive voicemail and auto-answered messages in your Outlook inbox.

3. Make sure Skylook is configured to place missed instant messages in your inbox. To do this, click the Skylook options button:
Skylook Options button

then check that the “Put missed text chat messages in the inbox” option is checked:
Option to get missed instant messages in your Outlook inbox

…and click OK.

4. Now all voicemail messages and missed instant messages will appear in your inbox. Also, voice conversations and non-missed instant messages will appear in the “Skylook Conversations” folder. These communications can be managed like email. For instance, if you receive a voicemail, it will show initially as an unread item in your inbox:
Play Skype voice mail from inbox

5. After you play the voicemail, it be marked as “read” in Outlook (i.e. it will no longer be shown in bold font). If you decide that the voicemail needs some sort of follow-up that you can’t complete straight away, you can right-click it and mark it as unread:
Mark voice mail as unread

6. When you have time, you can come back and review all of your unread items, including the voic mail. If you are more sophisticated in the way you manage follow-up, you can use the other options in the Outlook menu shown above: Categories, Follow Up > Flag, Move to Folder.

7. You can do the same with missed instant messages, as well as voice calls and instant message conversations.

If you have any problems getting this to work, we can help – just email us at for assistance.