What to do if you can’t find your Skylook recordings     

By default, Skylook places recordings in a folder called “Skylook Conversations” in your default Outlook mailbox. Also by default, all calls are recorded, but only your side of each call is recorded. All of these defaults are changeable by selecting “Tools > Options” on the Skylook toolbar.

If you cannot find the Skylook Conversations folder, try selecting “Go > Folder…” from the main Outlook menu. The Skylook Conversations folder should appear in the list.

When browsing the Skylook Conversations folder, you should see one item for each call that you made since installing Skylook. If you do not see any items, this may be because:

  • Your free trial period has expired (see “Help > About Skylook” in the Skylook toolbar)
  • Your options are set to store conversations to a different folder (see “Tools > Options > General > Save Items To” from the Skylook toolbar)
  • Outlook was not running when the calls were made.
  • Outlook was closed while the call was in progress.
  • The call was a missed call or voicemail / auto-answered call – these appear in the Outlook Inbox folder.

Each call item in the Skylook Conversations folder has an attached MP3 file by default. If you have call items but there are no attachments. this may be because:

  • Skylook had a problem creating the recording. Read these instructions for resolving recording issues.
  • Skylook is not configured to automatically record all calls (see “Tools > Options > Recording” from the Skylook toolbar: the options “Allow call recording” and “Start recording automatically when each call starts” should both be set, if you want to record all calls. Alternatively just check the “Allow call recording” option to manually record selected calls).
  • Skylook is configured to save recordings to a folder on your hard disk rather than as attachments to your Outlook items. (see “Tools > Options > Recording > Store each recording in a folder”).