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Skylook is a powerful Skype integration into Microsoft® Outlook® that unifies your communication.

Get ready. You’re about to download Skylook.

First things first: to run Skylook you need a Windows PC running Microsoft Outlook 2000 – 2010. (NOTE: Skylook is not compatible with Outlook Express).  When you download Skylook, you receive a free 14 day trial.  After the trial, you have the option to purchase Skylook.  The price of Skylook is $USD 134.95.  The price of Skylook in GBP flucatates around the £85-£90 mark depending on currency movements.

Follow the steps below and you should be up and running in a couple of minutes.

1. Enter your name and email address below then click “Download Skylook 2.0″. Click “Run” when prompted to commence installation.

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2. Follow the instructions in the wizard. (If you have problems installing, click here).

3. After the installation wizard has completed, start Outlook. (Skylook does not have a separate start menu – it starts automatically when you run Outlook).

4. The Skylook licensing and startup wizards will be displayed. Follow the prompts to configure Skylook.

5. Follow these installation instructions to ensure that Skylook will properly connect to Skype.

Which version of Skype do you have installed?

I have Skype version 3.8 or later
I have Skype version 3.6 or earlier
I’m not sure – how do I tell?

Installation instructions for Skype version 3.8 or later.
a. When Skylook connects to Skype for the first time, a balloon will above your Windows system tray (as pictured below). Click on Click here to accept/deny.

Skype 3.8 notification

b. The Skype Client window will appear on your screen (as pictured below). Click on the text skylook.exe.

Skype 3.8 notification

c. The Skype security window will appear (as pictured below). Select the Allow this program to use Skype option and click OK.

Skype 38 notification

Installation instructions for Skype version 3.6 or earlier.
a. When Skylook connects to Skype for the first time, the following dialog will appear:

Skype Security Dialog

b. This is a standard security dialog that Skype shows for all third party applications that use Skype. It is designed to stop unauthorised software accessing Skype. You must click one of the “Allow…” options in order for Skylook to operate. If you accidentally click OK before setting the option correctly, you can follow these instructions to allow Skylook to access Skype.

How to tell which version of Skype you have installed
a. Double click on the green Skype icon in your system tray, or open Skype if it isn’t already running. Click on the Skype Help Menu, and then click About (as pictured below):

Skype About

2. The version of Skype you currently have installed is shown (in bold):

Skype version

Which version of Skype do you have installed?

I have Skype version 3.8 or later
I have Skype version 3.6 or earlier

7. On completion of the wizard, you will notice the Skylook toolbar underneath the standard Outlook toolbars.

8. Click here for a full list of Skylook Prerequisites.

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For Skylook customer support, click here.

For Skylook pricing, click here.