Record incoming and outgoing calls     

You can set Skylook up to record all calls, including incoming and outgoing calls, automatically with no further intervention from you during each of the calls. (NOTE: All calls are recorded, including those made directly from the Skype window or using a Skype phone).

If you follow the steps below, all of your conversations will be saved as MP3 attachments to standard Outlook items in an Outlook folder called “Skylook Conversations”. You will be able to tell which calls are outgoing and which are incoming via the subject line of each item, and by looking at the standard Outlook “From” and “To” columns to see who the call was placed to, or who the call was received from. (These steps assume you have Outlook installed – see Skylook prerequisites for details)

1. Set up Skype and Skylook if you have not previously done so.

2. In the Skylook toolbar, click the options button:

Skylook Options Button

3. Set up the Recording options as follows:

Skylook Recording Options

…then click OK.

4. Start a call or get someone to call you. You can do this directly from Skype if you like – Skylook will record all calls, whether they are started from Skylook or by other means (including Skype phone calls if you use a Skype phone).

5. When the call is finished, go to the Skylook Conversations folder:

Skylook Conversations Folder

(Can’t find it? Choose “Go > Folder” from the main Outlook menu, then choose “Skylook Conversations” from the list).

6. Note that the “From” and “To” columns show you who made the call and who received it. If you do not see both of these columns in your folder, right click the column headings and choose the “Field Chooser” option. Drag the “From” or the “To” field to the column headings.

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