How to limit the space taken by Skype call recordings     

By default Skylook records calls to MP3 at 32kBit/s, 24kHz. This provides a good trade-off between file size and recording quality.

However, if you can afford a reduction in quality, and would like the recordings to take up less disk space, you can alter the format that Skylook uses to record calls. Just follow these steps:
1. Click the Skylook “Options” button:
Skylook Options Button

then click the “Recording” tab and the following will be displayed:
Skype Recording Options

2. Click the “Audio Format > Change…” button to display the following dialog:
Skype recording audio formats

3. Alter the “Format” and “Attributes” settings to the format you desire, then click OK. Choose a format with a low kBit/s. (Note: not all formats are able to be converted from the Skype audio format. If the format you select is not able to be converted, you will be told when you click OK below. If this occurs you will need to select a different format.)

4. Click OK in the Options dialog.

5. Record Skype calls using Skylook as you normally would – calls will now be recorded in the format you selected.