How to record calls to MP3 or other audio formats     

Here is how you can record phone calls or PC-to-PC calls on your PC. (These steps assume you have Outlook installed – see Skylook prerequisites for details).

1. Follow these instructions to set up Skype if you don’t already use it.

2. If you only need to record PC-to-PC calls, skip this step. If you want to record calls made from your PC to standard phone lines you will need to purchase Skype Credit. If you want to record phone calls made from standard phone lines, you will need a SkypeIn number. You can purchase a SkypeIn number here.

3. If you don’t already have Skylook, download and install it from here.

4. Start Outlook. If you are running Skylook for the first time, you will see the Skylook licensing wizard and the Skylook Welcome wizard. When you see the dialog boxes below, fill them out as shown:
Welcom Wizard - Record Calls

Welcome Wizard Who to Record

5. If you are not running Skylook for the first time, and you can’t remember how you configured recording when you were prompted by the Skylook Welcome Wizard, click this button on the toolbar:
Skylook Options Button

then click the Recording option page and make sure the options are set as shown:
Skylook Options Dialog

If you want a format other than MP3, or a bitrate other than the default, click the “Change” button.

6. Start a phone call or PC-to-PC call, either from Outlook or directly from the Skype application. (Skylook will still record calls that you do not start from within Outlook). (NOTE: Recording this way also works for incoming calls, and for conference calls started directly from the Skype application).

7. Recording will start automatically, as indicated by the Skylook call window, which will appear at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen:
Skylook Call Window

8. You can see more detail about the recording by clicking the “Show Details” button:
Skylook Call Window - Medium

9. Hang up the call.

10. In Outlook, click on the “Skylook Conversations” folder. Your conversation, with the attached MP3 is listed as an item in the folder.
Skylook Conversations Folder

11. To listen to the recording, click on the item. A “Play” button appears in the toolbar:
Play Button

Click it to hear the recording.
Call Playback

If you have problems, refer to the troubleshooting tips here.