How to send SMS messages to Outlook contacts     

Here is how you can send SMS messages to your Outlook contacts, directly from the Outlook application. (These steps assume you have Outlook installed – see Skylook prerequisites for details).

1. Download Skype if you don’t already have it, or if you are running a Skype version earlier than 2.5. If you only plan to do SMS, the installation is very straightforward. (It’s a little more involved if you intend to do voice calls. Follow these instructions to set up Skype if you plan to use it for more than SMS).

2. If you don’t already have Skylook, download and install it from here.

NOTE: Skype is free for PC to PC voice calls and text messages, but to send SMS messages there is a fee per message. You can buy Skype Credit here to get started with sending SMS messages. If you’re doing this for the first time, just buy the minimum amount so you can give it a try without too much of an outlay.

3. Start Outlook. If you are running Skylook for the first time, you will see the Skylook licensing wizard and the Skylook Welcome wizard. Follow the prompts to ensure you have Skylook set up the way you want.

4. You will notice that Outlook contains an additional toolbar:
Skylook Toolbar

This toolbar allows you to do a number of different things, including sending SMS messages to your Outlook contacts.

5. Go to your contacts folder and select the contact you wish to send an SMS to.
Select a Contact in Outlook

6. Click the “SMS” button in the Skylook toolbar.

7. If the Outlook contact has a mobile (cell) phone configured, Skylook will display that number and ask you to confirm it (you also have the option to change it if it is incorrect). If there is no number configured, Skylook will prompt you to enter one (this number will be saved in the Outlook contact’s details for next time). Click OK after confirming or entering the number.

8. The Skype SMS window will be displayed, to allow you to enter your message. Type your message then click the “Send SMS” button.

If you have any problems or questions, contact us for assistance.