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Skylook does for Skype what Outlook does for Email.

Outlook is great for tracking, organizing and archiving email – very important capabilities for modern businesses. Skylook extends Outlook so that those capabilities can be used for Skype calls and text chats, as well as emails.

Outlook is also great for keeping track of unactioned items. Skylook brings all unactioned Skype interactions (e.g. voice mail messages, missed instant messages) into the Outlook inbox, so that you can streamline your daily routine.

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Skylook can do the following for your business:

  • Record calls as MP3 to a special Outlook folder for tracking, organization and archiving
  • Place incoming Skype voice mail messages in the Outlook inbox, just like unread email items
  • Receive alerts via SMS when appointments are due
  • Get instant messages forwarded to SMS when you are away from your desk
  • Have important emails read to you over your phone when you are away from your desk
  • Take notes about each call during and after the call
  • Consolidate and synchronize Outlook and Skype contact lists
  • Make Skype calls and start text chats to Outlook contacts directly from Outlook
  • Archive all instant messages to a special Outlook folder, just like email
  • Save on voice mail subscription costs by using the Skylook Answering Machine, which does not require a subscription
  • Monitor incoming calls prior to answering
  • Archive automatically answered calls and voice mail messages (as MP3) just like email
  • Review all communications with a particular contact – see calls, chats and emails together
  • Use Outlook to manage follow-up on calls and voice messages just like you currently do with email – e.g. mark as unread, move to folder, flag
  • Answer incoming calls directly from Outlook
  • Review contact details for incoming callers
  • See who is on-line without leaving Outlook
  • Advanced dialling capabilities – no more adding the ‘+’, country code and area code when dialling local numbers.