How to keep your Outlook contacts synchronized with your Skype contacts     

The steps below show you how to link your Outlook contacts to Skype contacts, and how to keep their details (e.g. phone numbers) synchronized.  You are also shown how to import your Skype contacts into Outlook if you do not already have Outlook contacts set up for them. (These steps assume you have Outlook and Skype installed – see Skylook prerequisites for details).

1. If you don’t already have Skylook, download and install it from here.

2. Start Outlook. If you are running Skylook for the first time, you will see the Skylook licensing wizard and the Skylook Welcome wizard. Step through the wizard until you see this page:
Synchnronize Outlook and Skype contacts

Click the “Next” button.

(NOTE: If you are not running Skylook for the first time, the welcome wizard will not be displayed. Instead, choose “Tools > SkySync” from the Skylook toolbar:
Menu option to synchronize Skype and Outlook contacts

3. Skylook will examine your Outlook and Skype contacts, then display this wizard page:
Synchronize Skype and Outlook Contact Wizard

The page shows you how many Outlook contacts you have, and how many have already been linked to Skype contacts (only relevant if you are not doing this for the first time). It also shows you how many of your Skype Contacts look as though they match one of your Outlook contacts (this match is done on the contact’s full name and phone numbers) – later in the wizard you will get a chance to see these matches and alter them if they are incorrect.

4. Click “Next” and Skylook will search the global Skype network to see which of your Outlook contacts use Skype. This is done because you may have Outlook contacts that you have not yet added to your Skype contact list. (Note: this uses the email addresses stored on your Outlook contacts, and so will only work for the contacts who have entered their email address(es) into their Skype profile). Once the search is complete, this page is displayed:
Matching Outlook Contacts to Skype Contacts in the global Skype network

Click the “Next” button to proceed.

5. This page is displayed:
Update Outlook contact details from Skype

Leave the default options in place and click the “Next” button.

6. A page is displayed that shows you the recommendations that Skylook has come up with. You can make changes to these by clicking the individual rows, and clicking the buttons at the bottom of the page (“Link/Unlink”, “Update/Don’t Update”). Unlike the other wizard pages, this one can be resized to give you more room to work if you have a lot of contacts.
Review Synchronization Recommendations

Once you are happy with the changes, click “Next”.

7. This page will be displayed:
Synchronization Summary

Click “Next” to proceed.

8. This page will be displayed:
Import Skype Contacts into Outlook

9. Click the “Next” button to have Skylook create an Outlook contact for each of your remaining unlinked Skype contacts. Once this is complete, you will see this page:
Synchronization of Outlook and Skype contacts complete

10. Click “Finish” and the wizard will close. Review your updated contacts in Outlook.

11. To manually link or unlink an Outlook contact to or from a Skype contact, first choose the contact within Outlook:
Select contact in Outlook

then click the contact’s menu button and choose either the “Link” or the “Unlink” menu item::
Link Skype contact to Outlook contact - manual

12. To keep your contacts synchronized, rerun the wizard periodically by selecting “Tools > SkySync” from the Skylook toolbar:
Menu option to synchronize Skype and Outlook contacts

If you have any problems getting this to work, we can help – just email us at for assistance.