Skylook 2.0 Sneak Peek     

This is the Skylook 2.0 “Sneak Peek” page. It’s now out of date, because Skylook 2.0 was released on October 1 2006. However, we’ve left it here in case you found an old link to it. Here’s what it said:


Skylook 2.0 is scheduled for release on October 1 2006.

Skylook 2.0 includes a major new feature called “Alerts and Forwarding”. This feature allows you to be alerted about important events that occur when you are away from your PC. These events include: The receipt of an important Email; the receipt of a Skype instant message; an important contact coming on-line, a missed Outlook reminder; a missed call or voice message. When any of these events occur, Skylook can inform you via phone or SMS. Depending on the type of event, the contents of the relevant message are forwarded to the phone via audio or SMS (e.g. voice mail messages are replayed over the phone call).

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Uses for Skylook Alerts and Forwarding

Here are some interesting scenarios where we see the Alerts and Forwarding feature being of use:

  • You use Outlook for all your appointments but you are often away from your PC, and you either don’t have an Outlook compatible PDA or you aren’t great at keeping it synchronized. Hence you often miss meetings. With Skylook, if a reminder pops up when your Skype status is Away or Unavailable, or if a reminder pops up and is not dismissed within a couple of minutes, you will receive an SMS so that you do not miss that important meeting or other appointment.
  • You desperately need to speak to Fred, but can’t get in touch with him. His Skype status is offline and you cannot reach him on his mobile phone. You want to know as soon as he “resurfaces”. You use Skylook to set up an alert that will call you on your mobile phone as soon as he comes on-line. Later, your phone rings – it’s Skylook – it tells you that Fred is now online and tells you that you can press “1″ to call him now. You press “1″ on your phone and Skylook calls Fred on Skype and connects him through to your phone.
  • You are sweating on an important email from your boss, but you have to go out. You set up a Skylook alert to forward any emails from your boss to you via your phone. Later, your phone rings – it’s Skylook with your email message. Skylook reads the email to you using text-to-speech technology. After hearing the email, you are given the option to call your boss via Skype by pressing “1″ on your phone.
  • You use Skype a lot for instant messaging, but you are often away from your PC. You check a box in the Skylook options dialog to tell it to forward all instant messages to you via SMS. From that point, if your Skype status is “Away” or “Unavailable” when you receive a Skype text chat message, the message is automatically forwarded to you via SMS.
  • You don’t want to be available for calls all the time, so you don’t set up Skype call forwarding, but you would like to know if anyone leaves you a voice message while you are away from your PC. That way you can choose which calls to return. You check a box in the Skylook options dialog to tell it to forward all voice messages to your mobile phone. Later, when you are away from your PC, your phone rings – it’s Skylook with a Skype Voice Mail message. After hearing the message, you are given the option to call the sender via Skype by pressing “1″ on your phone.

We envisage that the new features in Skylook 2.0 will enable other alerting and forwarding scenarios, as there are many possible combinations (e.g. instant messages can be forwarded to voice, emails can be abbreviated and sent to SMS, etc.)

Other Improvements

In addition to Alerts and Forwarding, there are a number of other new features and improvements in Skylook 2.0, including a much more flexible recording capability than that which was available in Skylook 1.0 and 1.5.


Alert Options

Skylook Alerts Menu

Email Phone Alerts Wizard 1

Email Phone Alerts Wizard 2

Email Phone Alerts Wizard 3

Email Phone Alerts Wizard 4

Email Phone Alerts Wizard 5

Email Phone Alerts Wizard 6

Skype Call Window

Skype Recording Options

Summary of the changes in Skylook 2.0:

Alerts and Forwarding

Call Notes

  • Take notes on each call during or immediately after the call (notes are stored in the body of the Outlook item)
  • Modify the notes later if needed

Improved Recording Options

  • Choose format and bitrate (using any of the codecs available on the PC)
  • Option to separate this side and the other side of the call into separate files

Revamped Recording Monitor

  • Ability to selectively record calls
  • Ability to start recording during a call
  • Ability to pause recording during a call
  • Ability to hang up call directly from recording monitor
  • Improved user interface

Improved Conversation storage

  • Choose which Outlook folders to store conversations in
  • Option to store audio files on hard disk rather than in Outlook folders

Improved Presence Toolbar

  • Ability to select preferred contacts – these are shown first on the toolbar


  • Send SMS to Outlook contacts
  • Reply to email, voice message or text chat message with SMS
  • Store SMS messages in the Skylook Conversations folder

Dialing Improvements

  • No need to include “+” and country code if dialing local country


  • Greatly improved performance for users with large numbers of Outlook and Skype contacts

Summary of Skylook 2.0 Product

The section above described what’s new in Skylook 2.0. This section gives a complete picture of the Skylook 2.0 product, including features introduced in 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0.

Skylook 2.0 performs the following services. Features new to 2.0 are shown in italics:

Communicate with Outlook contacts on Skype:

  • Call Outlook contacts or PCs using Skype.
  • Send SMS messages to Outlook contacts.
  • Send instant messages to Outlook contacts.
  • Answer incoming calls directly from Outlook.
  • Reply to instant messages with email and vice-versa.
  • Reply to voice mails with a call, email, instant message or SMS.
  • Click an email message then click a button to call or IM the email sender.
  • Click an appointment then click a button to call or IM an attendee.

Record Skype Calls:

  • Record Skype calls to MP3 or other audio formats.
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Record Skype-to-Skype, SkypeOut, SkypeIn and conference calls.
  • Choose to record just your side or both sides of the call.
  • Configurable bitrate to trade off quality for file size.
  • Optionally record calls to high quality 48kHz PCM, with each side of the call in a separate WAV file for professional podcasting.
  • Automatically record all calls, or choose to manually record individual calls.
  • Choose to store recordings in any Outlook folder, or store them in a directory on your hard disk.
  • Pause recording mid-call.



  • Get Skype IMs forwarded to SMS or your phone when you are away from your PC.
  • Have important emails read to you over your phone when you are away from your PC.
  • Get important emails forwarded to SMS when you are away from your desk.
  • Get Skype voice mail messages or Skylook Answering Machine messages forwarded to your phone when you are away from your desk.
  • Optionally press “1″ on your phone to call the sender of any forwarded message, via Skype.

Answering Machine / Voice Mail:

Extended inbox:

Follow-up Management:

Annotate and archive Skype Calls:

Archive all communications:

Contact Management: