Skylook Upgrade Pricing     

If you purchased Skylook 1.0 or 1.5, you can purchase Skylook 2.0 at a discounted price. See the “Upgrade Discounts” table below for your discount details. If you decide to purchase Skylook 2.0, use the coupon shown in order to claim your discount. For instructions on using the coupon, click here.

(Note: You will be required to enter the email address you used to place the original order. If you don’t remember the email address you originally used, or if you have any problem using the coupon, contact us at for assistance).

Special Note for purchasers of Skylook Care
You are entitled to a larger discount – please contact us at for a special coupon.

Special Note for volume purchasers
We offer volume discounts for multiple-license purchases. If you want to upgrade multiple licenses, or upgrade from a single license to multiple licenses, please contact us at

Upgrade Discounts

1.0 or 1.5 License Type Purchase Date Discount Coupon
Business Before August 1 2006 25% CPN7934369478
Business On or after August 1 2006 50% CPN3203431696
Home Before August 1 2006 18% CPN8472558315
Home On or after August 1 2006 35% CPN3741624580
Academic Before August 1 2006 12% CPN9010706249
Academic On or after August 1 2006 25% CPN4279873068