How to receive Voicemail messages in your Outlook inbox     

It’s easier to stay organized and in control if you only need to check one place for incoming messages and for outstanding action items. If like most people, you already keep a close eye on your email inbox, it makes sense to get other messages, such as voice messages, via your inbox also – this way you only really need to pay attention to a single stream of incoming information.

If you would like to do this, and you use Outlook as your email client, the instructions below show you a simple way to do it. (The steps shown allow you to try it for free to see how it operates).

1. Follow these instructions to set up Skype if you don’t already use it.

2. If you don’t already have Skylook, download and install it from here.

3. Start Outlook. If you are running Skylook for the first time, you will see the Skylook licensing wizard and the Skylook Welcome wizard. Follow the prompts through the pages and when you see the pages below, fill them out as shown:
Skylook Answering Machine Wizard 1

Skylook Answering Machine Wizard 2

Skylook Answering Machine Wizard 3

(NOTE: An alternative to the Skylook Answering Machine is Skype Voicemail. If you have a Skype Voicemail subscription, you can leave the Skylook Answering Machine off – Voicemail messages will automatically be sent to your inbox. You can purchase Skype Voicemail here).

4. If you are not running Skylook for the first time, and you can’t remember how you configured call answering when you were prompted by the Skylook Welcome Wizard, choose “Tools | Configure Answering Machine” from the Skylook toolbar:
Configure Answering Machine

This will bring up a wizard similar to that shown above.

5. Get someone to call you on Skype.

6. When the call is received, let Skylook answer the call (or let Skype answer it if you are using Skype Voicemail).

7. After the caller has hung up, check your inbox. You should see a message like this one:
Voicemail in Inbox

8. Click on the message. A “Play” button will appear in the toolbar:
Play Button

Click it to hear the recording.
Call Playback

9. Open the item. You will see a number of hyperlinks in the item that allow you to take various actions (for example, call the person back).
Skylook Voicemail Hyperlinks

If you need help with any of the above, please contact us for assistance.