Voicemail Box     

The term “Voicemail Box” means a place where incoming Voicemail messages are stored so that you can easily listen to them when you have time, and optionally save them for later reference. You can think of this as being like a traditional mailbox, but for Voice messages rather than letters.

A Voicemail Box can be provided by your phone service provider, or can be provided by software running on a standard PC.

Free PC-based Voicemail Box

The popular free VoIP client Skype provides you with a Voicemail box on your PC. This is free for PC-to-PC calling/messages, and can also be set up to take Voicemail messages from standard phones (for a small fee), using the SkypeIn feature.

How to get Voicemail Messages in your Email Inbox

Skype provides a simple Voicemail Box, but you may prefer to direct all your Voicemail to the same place as your incoming email, so you only need to look in one place for incoming messages. If you run Microsoft Outlook, you can use software known as “Skylook”, in conjunction with Skype, to get Skype Voicemail messages delivered to your email inbox.