Voicemail Number     

The term “Voicemail Number” refers to a phone number that, when dialled, takes a message from the caller rather than relying on you to answer it.

Thanks to the latest VoIP technology, you can now set up your own Voicemail number without having to call in expensive technicians. If you want a new Voicemail number, follow these steps to set one up on your PC in just a few minutes.

How to quickly set up a Voicemail number and receive messages using your PC (no phones involved)

If you have a PC with a broadband internet connection, you can, in just a few minutes, set up a brand new phone number and start receiving Voicemail messages to it. The Voicemail messages are recorded on your PC, and if you run Microsoft Outlook you can even redirect them to your inbox and store them permanently as MP3, or forward them to any email address. (NOTE: There is a subscription fee associated with this service).

Follow these steps to get a brand new Voicemail number

1. Follow these steps to get a Skype phone number that anyone in the world can dial from a standard phone.

2. Follow these steps to configure Skype to take Voicemail messages for you.

How to get Voicemail Messages in your Inbox

If you run Microsoft Outlook, you can use software known as “Skylook”, in conjunction with Skype, to get Skype Voicemail messages delivered to your inbox.